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Cooking Leads To Denison Apartment Fire


UPDATE: The apartment manager at Creekmore Apartments has released items needed after Sunday's fire. One family has a baby that is 5 days old. Items needed for the baby are newborn clothes, shoes, and diapers.

Women sizes- Shirt L or XL. Sm Md. Shoe size 7. Pant size 7

Man Sizes- XXL Pant size 44. Shoe size 12. Pants 32/34. Shirt. XXL.

Donations can be dropped off at the Creekmore Apartment office. 

DENISON, TX-  Early Sunday morning a man cooking French Fries lead to a fire a local apartment complex.  This is the second fire this year at the Creekmore Apartments in Denison. Fortunately, this fire was contained quickly.

Shattered glass on the concrete from windows busted during a fire; images apartment manager Julie Jones says resemble how she's feeling.

"They're all over the place honestly. My emotions are all over the place," said Jones.

Fire crews say around four Sunday morning the upstairs unit in building L caught on fire. A grease fire in the kitchen got out of hand leaving the family of three without a place to call home.

"They recently had a baby. We will let everyone know what may be needed for this family once as soon as we know," said Jones.

This isn't the first grease fire that has happened at the Creekmore Apartments. Back in March an entire building was damaged misplacing multiple families and costing thousands of dollars in damage. This time everyone's counting their blessings.

"We were very lucky it was contained to one apartment. Mostly contained to the kitchen so we've lost one unit," said Jones.

Jones says though she's seen her share of tragedy at her complex, the only thing she can do is look up and thank God no one was hurt.

"Everyone was safe. That's the most important thing and we can relocate them. We will get them what they need," said Jones.

One other unit was damaged in the fire. Jones says a pet cat did die in the fire. The Red Cross is assisting the families.