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Pilots kick off their last U.S. National Aerobatic Championship in Denison


DENISON, TX-- If you hear loud noises in the sky this weekend it's because pilots throughout the country are competing in the U.S. National Aerobatic Championship.

Pilots have been practicing their cool tricks in the sky since last week. They've been flying upside down and doing loops over Denison's North Texas Regional Airport.

"Loops, rolls, I mean we come into the aerobatic box at almost 250 miles an hour. We shoot straight up, we're rolling the aircraft at air shows, we're tumbling the airplane," aerobatic pilot Elias Corey said.

This year marks the 43rd year hundreds of pilots have competed at Denison's National Aerobatic Championship. But next year everything will change.

"Knowing this is the last one they're going to have out here that's a disappointment, but we thought we'd come see it today," Marty Richardson said.

Competitions will be moving to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

"Overall the airport is growing which means the community is growing, that's good for the economy. So I think overall it's a net positive," Corey added.

Corey said he's been flying competitively for the last five years. But he said he will miss his Denison family at the airport.

"Is it sad for us? Yeah definitely, we're sad to go," Corey said.

As a gesture of appreciation for all the years, Lake Texoma Jet Center is offering a one of kind painting by a local artist, Dale Adkins. It’s called "Thunder Over Lake Texoma".

"We're giving away this oil painting to one of the IAC members, contestants on Thursday night at the dinner we host," Operations Director Terry Vogel said.

Organizers said competitions will last through Friday and it's open to the public.