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Ardmore Industrial Air Park Receives Grant for New Taxiway


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA-- Renovations have been a nonstop flight lately at the Ardmore Industrial Airpark.

With control tower upgrades and now a new taxiway on the way, members are hoping for more traffic and economic development in the area.

"We want to make sure we have a great place for people to land,"Chris Bryant said. 

Airport Director Chris Bryant says the Airpark recently landed more than $6 million from a grant by the FAA, the city, and state helped, to replace about a mile long aircraft taxiway.

"This is able to go back and do a complete reconstruction all the way down to the sub-grade to the dirt, and then build it right back up," he said. 

Pilots we talked to say old, uneven taxiways can become an uninviting safety concern, and cause a delay in your pocketbook.

"Debris gets loose and gets into props and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage," Bill Hollbrook said. 

Some of the pavement dates back to World War II, and with  about 2,400 pilots landing at the Airpark each month, level, up-to-date payment is a must have.

"If you're unfamiliar with the airport its hard to find your way around or easy to get lost at night especially, with new taxiways new markings it'll be just a lot easier for everybody," Hollbrook said. 

 Bryant says with better facilities flight numbers should take off.

We're told the project should take about a year and a half to complete depending on the weather.