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Woman Faces More Time in Jail After Deputies Find Something Odd During Routine Jail Search


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A Marshall County woman, who is already in jail, now faces more trouble, over what jailers say they found during a search.

"Come one, is this a joke or ..."

A common reaction from people throughout Marshall county today, after hearing the bizarre crime a Madill woman is accused of committing while already confined to a jail cell.

"I’m not laughing because it’s not funny, that's horribly sad that a human being has been reduced to that level of living," Marshall county resident, Megan Keller says.

35 year old Lauren Ashbaugh was originally booked into the Marshall County jail Wednesday for possession of methamphetamine.

And now, just two days later she will be charged for possession of contraband while in jail.

"While doing a cell search we found what we believed was a meth pipe, after a field test of that pipe, it tested positive, or gave a positive indication for methamphetamine, we then had the Madill police department assist us by bringing in their canine," Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer says.

Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer says the drug dog immediately targeted Ashbaugh’s underwear; that's when Cryer obtained a search warrant and had a doctor examine Ashbaugh’s vagina.

"Due to the depth the drugs were found we had to take her to the hospital and get a search warrant to have a doctor remove those drugs," Cryer says.

In all, deputies were able to find a gram of meth, pipes made of light bulbs and makeshift paper distributors for the inmates to pass around.

"I would say she is probably having a really bad day and the drugs must have been really good," Marshall County visitor, Julian says.