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Police Crack Down on Speedy Drivers with New Initiative


ARDMORE, OK -- The Ardmore police department was asked by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office if they could help crack down speeders and the department gratefully accepted.

Interstate 35 seems to be paved with a lot of orange lately, as construction zones greet you at every exit, and in Ardmore these caution signs are looking all too familiar.

"One of the areas we are going to be focusing on is the construction zone, and we thought it was a good opportunity to try and bring down our traffic accidents and the speeders," Ardmore Deputy Chief Kevin Norris says.

Ardmore police say they agreed to patrol the highways this weekend because texting while driving, speeding, and slow construction zones is not something they take lightly.

"In those construction zones, when workers are present, the fines will double and you will be issued a citation for the speed arrest, so it’s not only a safety for the motorist on the highway but it’s also for the safety of the workers that are out there doing the construction work," OHP Lieutenant Jay Clary says.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says it welcomes the help.

They believe more patrol cars could mean a safer drive.

"Totally support the police, and they’re out there for the safety of all of us, and the children and the elderly, and everybody, it’s not a punishment, it’s for the safety of people," Ardmore driver Donna Dalton says.

Law enforcement across the state will be patrolling nearly 2000 miles worth of roadway this weekend, but Ardmore police say their main focus will be Interstate 35.