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Paralympian Gold Medalist Returns Home from Rio, Grew up in Texoma


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA-- Through years of training and several games, Monique Burkland was part of the US Women's Sitting Volleyball team that won gold in Rio.

"It feels like a dream when you're there and even still I'm like, did this really happen?" Burkland said. 

Ignoring what some call a disability, Burkland lead the team in points in Rio.

She was born in Nevada but grew up in Ardmore.

"I was just taking a summer job and my foot got smashed between two forklifts, so they ended up amputating my foot and half my leg," she said. 

She went to Plainview Middle and High School, where she played softball.

The work accident in 2008 prompted her start in sitting volleyball after her recovery.

"I needed some sport back in my life to get going again," Burkland said. 

Little did she know, it would lead to this.

"I saw how they were in London, they were all down and wanted to beat China and when we beat China the whole place was ecstatic it was nuts," Morgan Burkland, Monique's wife said. 

With her family behind her, Burkland plans to be back at the games four years from now.

"They practice twice a day, work their butt off so they finally got where they wanted to be," Morgan said. 

Burkland says the team will have *some time off but then it's back to the court training for the 2020 games.