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Grayson College Opens Dialogue about New 'Campus Carry' Law


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Starting next year, students at Grayson College will be packing more than books, some may be armed with guns.

Last month, the controversial ‘Campus Carry' law went into effect for Texas universities.

And while it won't affect community colleges until next year August, Grayson College is already starting a conversation.

It’s a law that still raises questions and mixed emotions.

"I can see both sides, but I’m just not really sure about students carrying guns," said Melinda Marshall, a student at Grayson College.

"I think it'll be relatively the same, I mean it'll be different seeing people in classes with guns, but I don't think it's going to affect school life much," said Avory Johnson, a freshman at Grayson College.

Last month, Texas became the eighth state in the U.S. to allow campus carry on university grounds, and come next year August; community colleges like Grayson College will follow.

But the north Texas school won't make the changes alone.

"We’re being proactive now, by getting feedback from the community,” said Amy Evans, Director of Marketing and Public Information at Grayson College.

They’re already starting a conversation by asking for students, staff, and community member’s opinions on the controversial law.

"Looking at the media reports that already had to implement this, we know that there's a great deal of concern, so we want to be sure we're in the forefront of that concern, and we take everything into consideration," said Evans.

The open dialogue will be through an online survey and several upcoming forums.

"I do think they should have the right to protect themselves and I do think that would help in a way, but again, if they wouldn't allow any guns on campus, that might help," said Johnson.

Now while the new law allows people with concealed handgun licenses to carry guns in buildings and classrooms, it also lets colleges create and implement their own set of rules and regulations, like where it's allowed.

"We can't undo the law obviously, we have to follow the law, so what this will do is come up with policies to implement the law," said Evans.

Policy changes students say they're glad to take part in.

"I think that's a good decision and very wise to get everyone's opinion on it," said Marshall.

You don't have to attend or work at Grayson College to give your input.

If you're interested in going to any of the public forums, or taking the online survey, available until October 7th, click here for more information.