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Senior Citizen Tai Chi Helps Promote Healthy Aging and Prevents Falls


ARDMORE, OK--  An Oklahoma group committed to promoting healthy aging, is offering some ways for seniors to get out and get moving in Texoma, as September is "Fall Prevention" month. 

Although it's a slower pace, it's an exercise older adults say they're seeing results from.

"You try to get the muscle memory and try to get the moves and yeah its very interesting and I think it helps a lot," Glenn Bowen said. 

The Oklahoma Healthy Aging initiative, or OHAI offers various services to keep senior citizens active and prevent falling accidents.

One way, is by teaching Tai Chi.

"We know more than like my mom and dad knew at this age about health and fitness and why not give it a try," Virginia Roberts said. 

Organizers say it's a great way to work on balance, strengthening muscles and improving movement limitations to prevent falls that are sometimes fatal.

"We cover 18 counties in Southeast Oklahoma and then we travel, we go to where the seniors are," Education Director of OHAI, Kathy Gooding said. 

They say some ways to prevent a fall aside from finding a good exercise program, are to regularly review your medications with a doctor, keep your home safe, and talk to your family members.

The National Council on Aging says every 13 seconds, an older adult is seen in the er for a fall related injury.

So whether you need the conditioning now, or you want to prep for the future, instructors say it's never too soon to start.

"I enjoy it I really do," Bowen said. 

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