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Colton Tapp's New Texas Movie Project


Texans love to support other Texans, and one of our own, internationally recognized actor, Colton Tapp, is working on a new movie project. Watch the interview to see how you can help and to learn more about his success!  

Colton’s kickstart movie:

About Colton:

“Actor Colton Tapp's new film Three Days In August is coming out this fall. Colton starred in the movie with veteran actors Barry Bostwick and Mariette Hartley. The project is generating a lot of buzz and is currently showing at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival. The movie also scored an article in Variety Magazine. Colton can talk about his experience in working on this project that was filmed in Mineral Wells, Texas.

In 2016, Colton did a space movie with scientist Neil de Grasse Tyson, called The Boundary, which was also shot in Texas. 

Colton's other work includes: Solar Eclipse, Death Road, Legends & Lies, NCIS New Orleans and The Front

Award: Best Actor - Dallas Horror Film Festival

Facebook page for Three Days in August

Here's a link to Colton's imdb page:

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