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Security Officer Still Recovering After Being Hit By Firetruck


ATOKA, OK- A former reserve deputy and firefighter is still in critical condition Monday night after he was hit by a fire truck over the weekend. Steve Walker stopped to help after rolling up on a deadly head on collision. That accident happened at Highway 69/75 near Venita Allen Road in Atoka.


Friends say he was heading home from his shift as a security officer when the unthinkable happened.

"I was shocked," said Susie Moore.

Steve Walker is a man just about everyone in Atoka knows. A good man they say that would give the shirt off his back to someone in need.


"I've known him all of his life as a matter of fact. He grew up in Atoka, but he is a good guy," said Moore.

That good guy drove up on a fatal crash Friday night. Atoka Police say Walker was helping with traffic control when a tanker from Stringtown Fire Department hit him, shocking people in town.

"He was trying to help also. He didn't have to stop, but that was part of his obligation he felt like," said Moore.

Walker has serious injuries, but survived. Friends say they believe a guardian angel was watching over him.

"God was watching over him because he'll be okay. He'll be okay. Everybody is praying for Steve," said Moore.


Officials say the crash Walker stopped to assist was a pickup truck driving the wrong way on northbound 69-75 that collided with a semi head on.

"I mean he was just being a good Samaritan," said Rose Brooks.

Being a good Samaritan is a duty Walker knows all too well. He is a former reserve deputy and retired fireman.

"I just want to say to the family that you have a very good person on your side and the lord is going to bless you for that," said Karmon Cherry.

 As Walker recovers in a Tulsa hospital those in Atoka are rallying behind him and his family as the journey of healing continues.

"I know he's going to survive and do well and be able to help the people again," said Moore.

Walker remains in critical but stable condition at a Tulsa hospital. The crash is still under investigation.