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Snake Populations Rise In Texoma


SHERMAN, TX- Texoma is no stranger to a few snakes here and there but this year the population of some venomous has grown.

The slimy and scaly reptile isn't something everyone wants to run into.

"I freeze up and I hyperventilate and I can't move," said one Denison resident.

Here in Texoma, copperhead populations have been on the rise, and one reason experts say is due to how our weather has been throughout the year.

"We've had nice wet years over the last couple of years. We get more vegetation more rodents potentially and fatter snakes and they reproduce more," said Michael Keck.

At the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge a program was held focusing on the ecology of venomous snakes here in North Texas. In the United State around 8,000 snake bites happen each year. Biology Professor Michael Keck says a bite from a copper heard is rare.

"These snakes do not bite unprovoked normally. I mean, you have to be extremely unlucky to be bitten by one of these things unprovoked," said Keck.

Keck says if the snakes are generally left alone, they'll leave you alone.

"If you just stay away from they'll leave you alone most of the time," said Keck.

Wanting to learn more about the slithery creature the presentation brought in snake lovers.

"We just really like snakes. We've been working with them our whole life, trying to find them and we have 15 of them at our house," said Skyler Levacy.

Even the smallest snake enthusiasts were able to learn something new.

"I learned that the fangs of snakes are really strong," said Adler Levacy.

As the months begin to get cooler experts say the snakes will start to hibernate. Another reason more copperheads are being seen is due to breeding season.