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Boys & Girls Club Hosts First Annual Fun Run


DURANT, OK- In an effort to raise money for one Texoma boys and girls club some people in the town hit the road for a run. For some kids the Boys and Girls club of Durant is a place to go and have fun.

"I get to do art, P.E., game room and education," said Keria Bully.

For others it's a safe haven.

"A lot of our kids come from broken homes. A lot of them live with their grandparents. These are kids that need a place to go after school," said Executive Director Larry Long.

The club runs on grants and community support. Each year they work to raise $100,000. Saturday was the clubs first ever fun run to raise a little extra dough.

"We're always hurting like I said we have to raise about a hundred grand so this will help," said Long.

With shoe laces tied, about 40 kids, parents and Durant Police Officers hit the street for the 5-k or mile run.

"They do a lot for our community and the kids of this community and we wanted to come out and show our support and come support them," said Lt. Brock Jones.

Crystal Bully's daughter comes to the boys and girls club every day after school. It's place she's thankful to have for a daughter to go and enjoy.

"I don't have to worry about transporting her from one place to the other and she can stay until 7 and I get off around 5 and she loves it," said Bully.

Plans for next year's run are in the works. Supplies for the run were all donated by sponsors.