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Sherman fire department


SHERMAN, TX -- City leaders say Sherman is growing and there is a growing need for first responders.

That's why the Sherman fire department is looking for a new firefighter.

They are looking for candidates who are certified paramedics.

With more residents comes the increase of more tragedies like fires according to

A firefighter slash paramedic in Sherman could earn up to $65,000 a year.

That 65 thousand a year is actually three percent lower than the national average for that position.

When that new firefighter is hired it will push the Sherman staff of firefighters and paramedics to about 80.

Sherman has five fire stations to cover the whole city.

Eventually the city wants to add an additional firefighter to each station.

Not only is Sherman looking to hire a firefighter.

We are told they are increasing the pay for the fire Marshall.

That amount is on top of what the fire Marshall already gets paid as a member of the department.