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Historic School Bell Dedicated At Denison High School


DENISON, TX- What was old is now new again. The historic Denison School bell is back on campus. The bell dates back to 1874 and sat atop the first public school in Denison. The bell goes back over a century.

Funds to purchase the bell back in 1874 were raised by Denison school children back when the school was first founded. Friday, a re-dedication of the bell took place where it now sets in the southwest corner of the new high school.

Current students and Denison alumni are so thrilled to have something so meaningful on school grounds.

Back in 1872 the city of Denison was founded. Two years later came Denison ISD and a school bell. That bell now has a new home on the front lawn of Denison High.

"It's awesome that we got to bring it back here and bring it for a new generation and their children and many more to come," said current student Dani Bucher.

The bell was formally dedicated Friday morning. Back in 2007 the old high school was demolished taking with it countless memories.

"As a school student, I worked for the district in the summer and one of my jobs was to wind the clock on Saturday morning. So I go back several years," said Horace Groff.

Those memories are now saved by the bell.

"I think it means a lot to the alumni to have a piece of their high school history at the new high school," said Bucher.

Denison superintendent Dr. Henry Scott says the bell sends a powerful message to current and future Denison Yellow Jackets.

"Students raised the money for this bell back 142 years ago. I think it says something to students about community service," said Dr. Scott.

It's a piece of history that current students want future generations to hold onto for the years to come.

"Just come and read the plaque and realize the history of Denison," said Bucher.