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Stranger returns lost class ring to Sherman alumnus


SHERMAN, TX-- After more than 30 years a Sherman High School alumnus has her class ring back all thanks to a stranger.

Dina Kenemore told us her class ring disappeared not long after she bought in 1980.

When you're doing a little summer cleaning you never know what you might find. To one man's surprise he found the class ring of Dina Kenemore.

"We received a call in the middle of summer from a gentleman who had found a class ring from Sherman High School from 1980," SISD Assistant Superintendent Tyson Bennett said.

With a little yearbook research for her last name, Sherman school administrators reached out to Kenemore through Facebook.

"I was very surprised and I was ecstatic," Dina Kenemore said.

Thursday, Kenemore was presented with a letter from the man who found the ring, Marshall Fischer, along with her long-lost class ring.

High school memories are just a little more clear for Kenemore now that she has her ring back, but she said that ring has another special meaning.

She said the ring brings back memories of her and her father.

"And since my father's passed away and we're now living in his home here after retiring, it means a lot to me to be able to take this ring home," Kenemore said.

The ring still fits perfectly on her finger, and Kenemore said she's even making plans to attend Sherman’s homecoming game Friday with other alumni.

This afternoon we talked to Marshall Fischer, and he said he has no idea how the ring ended up in one of his boxes. But that it makes his day to know Kenemore finally has her high school ring back.