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Committee Works to Make Ardmore Healthier, Wants You to Join


ARDMORE, OK-- "What's easy, well you get a chili dog or some fries or whatever, you get used to that and then that's your standard, you get outside of that, and it's like what is this? It's green, it's called lettuce," Steven Daniels said. 

It's easy to say we could all be healthier, but one Ardmore group is taking action.

"Get people together in one room devising action plans on how we can address some of these issues and then also to just educate the community and raise awareness about nutrition, fitness, substance abuse and mental health," Ardmore High School Health Corp Coordinator, Lindsey Maurice-Walker, said. 

It's called  the Ardmore Health and Wellness Committee.

Walker says the group is working to make lasting impacts on the core health issues in the area, and they're welcoming everyone to voice their concerns.

"Just eating unhealthily, or just eating unhealthy snacks that are supposed to be healthy here, stuff like that, you see it everyday," Student and Committee member Caterra Williams, said. 

The Health Department says nearly two-thirds of people who live in Carter County are considered obese or overweight, getting little to no exercise, or not eating healthy foods, something many, are trying to change.

"Whataburger I love Whataburger, but I have to stay healthy, and do this for me," Patty Briones said. 

Some projects are already under way like installing filtered faucets for refilling water bottles throughout the schools.

"If we don't have people talking about the needs of the community, then nothing is getting done," Walker said. 

If you would like to attend a discussion and get involved, the committee meets on the second Thursday of every month during the school year in

room 106 at Admore High School from 3:30-4:30.

The next meeting is on October 13th.