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Cartwright home total loss after fire


CARTWRIGHT, OK – A home in Cartwright is a total loss after it went up in flames Wednesday afternoon.

It happened on Ashley Street in the Willafa Woods area. Fire crews say no one lived in the home but someone bought the property about a month ago.

They say the man had been working on the home this morning, trying to clean up the property.

But when he came back from lunch, it was in flames. Crews say the fire was so hot, it melted the siding of a neighboring home.

“That kind of makes it harder when it's hot like this,” said Assistant Chief Jonathan Horn with the Colbert Fire Department, “and these were obviously old houses they burned real hot. You can tell the house over here had all the siding melted off of it, luckily it didn't catch on fire."

No one was hurt. Fortunately for the owner he didn't have anything stored in the home. Investigators are trying to figure out how it started.

They say no electricity was hooked up the home.