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Deputies Searching for Suspect of Multiple Home Burglaries


MARSHALL CO, OK -- The search is on for a Marshall county man who deputies say has been stealing from residents for more than five months.

"Shame on you, I mean we work hard for our stuff, what makes you think that you need it, they're probably stealing it to go buy drugs," Marshall County resident Kenneth Kelly says.

People in Marshall County say they have a message for the burglars who have been taking what they worked so hard to earn.

"I really think about those people who have lost the things they have and I’m concerned that other people will be targeted," Marshall County resident, Phyllis Gilbert says.

In a little more than five months, Marshall county deputies say 34 year old Thomas Lloyd McQuery has stolen more than $150,000 worth of property.

"What we noticed in all eight of these different burglaries, are that the thief or thieves, would go into the house and pull drawers out and dump them into the floor, just completely leaving the houses ransacked," Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer says.

Items like truck trailers, lawn mowers, and priceless family heirlooms.

"There were clothes, books, antiques, chainsaws, power tools, just about anything you can imagine, we have found in this storage building," Cryer says.

Undersheriff Danny Cryer says, after three months of burglarizing, McQuery was able to obtain enough stolen items, to be able to fill one of these storage units from top to bottom.

Deputies say although a lot of the stolen items have been brought back to their original owners, they are having a difficult time finding electronics and firearms.

There are $100,000 worth of warrants out for McQuery's arrest.

So if you think you know where he may be, you're urged to call the Marshall County Sheriff's office.