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HVAC units causing environmental issues at Durant High School


DURANT, OK-- Some parents of students who go to Durant High School said they're worried about their kid’s health.

While school administrators confirm they're dealing with environmental issues because of their air conditioning units, students said it's worse than they're letting on.

Earlier this afternoon, we received a letter from school officials  informing students, parents and faculty about environmental concerns at the school.

In a letter from Superintendent, Duane Merideth, it states for more than a year and a half DISD has been dealing with high levels of moisture in some areas of the school. But former students we spoke with said the problem started before that and it just keeps growing.

"The mold in the library it started, I think my sophomore year, and it just kind of grew to the point where the teachers couldn't even be in Mac lab because a lot of allergic reactions were happening," a former student said.

Merideth explained the moisture is caused by high levels of humidity and improper adjustment of air conditioning units in contained areas. Students we talked to said right now they can't use the library because it's closed.

"I just feel so passionately that they really really need to fix it, because I really love books. And I know that the library was definitely my safe place in high school," the former student added.

School officials said the affected areas use isolated HVAC units and are closed to students.

"It's a new school, and somebody needs to take care of it as quickly as possible. Students don't need to be around it cause you can't breathe in molded air," Jim Ferguson said.

People we spoke to in the area are concerned for the health of these high schoolers, but school officials assure us that the health of each student is their number one priority.

In the letter, Merideth also said the district has installed an air purification system in the library and additional units in other affected areas.

Again as we said, we received a press release from school officials earlier today where they address problems with high levels of moisture. But officials never confirm mold is growing inside the school.