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Woman Jogger Hit by Truck in Denison Flown to Hospital


DENISON, TX -- A woman is in serious condition, after police say she was hit by a truck while jogging.

It happened in Denison, Monday evening.

"Oh lord it was not a sight you'd want to see," said witness, Teona Daniels.

An evening jog in one Denison neighborhood turned life threatening, after police say a woman was struck by a truck, while running with her husband.

Teona Daniels, who lives nearby called 911.

"I was in my backyard, we were cutting down a tree, and I was headed back when I heard the noise, like I thought a car had come around the corner here, and clipped a car, until I heard, lay still, just lay still ma'am, and I knew oh Lord, somebody hit someone," said Daniels.

According to police, that someone was a 40-year old Denison woman.

"She was spitting up blood, it was really bad, asking please don't let me die," said Daniels.

The accident happened on Lum Lane near W Morton Street in Denison, just before 6 p.m. on Monday.

"I walked up the scene, and the elderly man bless his heart, was so shaken and beside himself,” said Daniels.

The shaken elderly man was the truck driver.

Police say he was headed south and she running north when he hit her.

The driver wasn't injured, and checked out by paramedics, with his wife by his side.

"Prayers go to her and her family," said the driver’s wife.

Police say the jogger suffered serious head injuries, and was airlifted to the Medical Center of Plano.

Daniels now hopes, through this scary night, positive changes may be ahead for her neighborhood.

"There are joggers, runners, walkers out here; I would love to see maybe a concrete sidewalk be put in, now that somebody has been hit," said Daniels.

Denison police have not yet released the jogger's name.

They say as of right now, no charges will be filed against the driver and that the accident is under investigation.