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Howe Teen Organizes Supply Drive For Louisiana Flood Victims


HOWE, TX- Thousands of people are still trying to pick up the pieces After severe storms brought devastating floods to Louisiana. Now a local student is pouring her time and energy into helping those who lost everything

A teenager in Howe has set up a school supply drive to give back. It will take place this Saturday next to Howe City Hall.

Celesta Richards says she wanted to come up with a way to help out school aged kids who are victims of the raging flood waters. So she's gathering up schools supplies to send south.

Heavy rains wreaked havoc in parts of Louisiana causing major flooding, damaging homes and taking lives.

"My thoughts were wow. That's sad. I couldn't imagine being like that," said Celesta Richards.

Heartbroken after the images seen on TV, one local teenage girl decided she had to help. After discussing it with her parents, 13 year old Celesta Richards decided rather than donate the normal items like food and clothes, she wanted to collect and donate school supplies.

"We decided that would be excellent because education is so important," said Richards's mom Loretta Wolfington.

From making the flyers to phone calls, the young teen did it all.

"Oh I'm a very proud mom. I'm very proud of Celesta and they efforts she's taking," said Wolfington.

Richards's mom Loretta Wolfington says her daughter has always had a giving spirit.

"Celesta's always looking for ways to help others. She helps with the community food bank going and helping sort the food out there," said Wolfington.

But this time the urge to help was much deeper.

"Watching families that were floating on the water, and the devastation of losing their homes we were talking about how quickly that could happen," said Wolfington.

Saturday a drive will be held next to city hall from 5pm-9pm. The goal is set high and they're aiming to help every student they can in Louisiana. Donations can also be dropped off at the Howe Community Library. The supplies are being accepted through the end of October and will be sent to Louisiana in November.