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15 Years Later; Remembering 9/11


DENISON, TX- Sunday marks 15 years that many say changed our Nation forever. I's the day four planes were hijacked and terror rang out across the United States.

Beginning Friday people across Texoma started thinking of the men and women who died in the terrorist attacks as well as the brave men and women who worked to rescue any survivors. Ceremonies were held honoring the fallen as well as thanking our local first responders. 15 years later, people here at home say Sunday was a somber day, and a day to reflect and hold their loved ones close.

Many Sunday morning church services were spent praying and remembering the thousands of Americans who died in our nation's deadliest terrorist attack.

"We did some special prayers for them and we basically offered up our whole service up for them," said Joe Bindel.

As many think of those who were affected, it's a day that everyone remembers where they were exactly  15 years ago.

"I remember vividly, clearly. I was just finishing up a prayer group that we had every Tuesday morning," said Bindel.

Some were just dropping off kids for school unaware of the terror that was unfolding.

"I was dropping the kids off and she said turn on your TV because our country is under attack, and of course I freaked out. I didn't know what it meant and I was just glued to the TV just terrified," said Leigh Wells.

Leigh Wells' husband was out of town. Heartbroken and scared she went to pick up her kids. Sunday, Wells says that day replayed over and over in her head.

"Today I've just been praying that nothing happens today. Just wondering if we're going to make through this day safely," said Wells.

All around the day is tough for many to think of. Holding back tears, one local fire chief says he can only think of what men just like him went through.

"They knew they were going into a job that they probably weren't going to complete. That they may not come out. I think it's in your heart, if you really want to help you're willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done," said Durant Fire Chief Roger Joines.