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UPDATE: Lone Grove Police Arrest Three People Accused of Stealing from Charity


UPDATE: Lone Grove Police have now arrested three people in connection to the burglary.

Brenda Myers, Terry Tucker, and Kelly Jeremy Wallace were arrested Friday night. 

LONE GROVE, OK -- The hunt is on for three people who burglarized a Texoma charity.

"We’re here to give you stuff, you don't have to come steal it," ‘It’s from the heart’ founder Margie Roberts says.

This surveillance video shows three people stealing from a group that is in business solely to give to those less fortunate.

But on Thursday, the trio came to help themselves.

"I don’t know if I’m going to press charges when they get caught but I just want them to know that stealing is wrong,” Roberts says.

Margie Roberts is the founder of ‘It’s from the heart’, a non-profit organization that collects donations to give to others.

She says it's difficult to watch the surveillance footage and the thieves drove off in an unmarked white van with donated items meant for others. 

"They’re well known, if you need something, come up there, and if you can’t afford to buy it, they will donate it to you," Lone Grove Police Captain James Bright says.

Lone Grove Police say the images and faces in the video are very clear and they hope that will make it easy for someone to recognize the crooks.

"We do have a clear photo of the vehicle and the people and now we're just keeping our eye open for the vehicle," Bright says.

Items like comforters, chairs, home decor, bags of clothes, and kitchen appliances were all taken. 

"It’s not cool, it’s not something that you do, if you had any sort of heart, or any sort of feelings, I wouldn't do it," Lone Grove resident, Jennifer Johnson says.

But Roberts says they have not lost faith in humanity, they are going to continue to keep their gates open so people are still able to stop by and donate.