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Police warning women about "romance scam"


DENISON, TX -- Police in Denison are warning women that scammers are after your wallet and your heart.

Officers say they've seen a rise in what they call the "Romance Scam". Men, typically from overseas, are contacting local women and instigating an online relationship with them, gaining their trust.

Scammers then ask women to cash a check and send the money to them, usually thousands of dollars.

“The main MO basically for every one of these is they’re trying to get money out of people,” said Lt. Mike Eppler with the Denison Police Department. “They’re trying to get their personal information to get money out of them.”

Officers say women who fall victim to this scam not only lose money, but could face legal trouble.

Cashing those fake checks could leave them facing fraud charges. If you get a call or message like this, report it to police.