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Denison brick road project


DENISON, TX -- The bricks along Chestnut Street go back to Denison's early history and some say they're a hundred years old.

That's why the city is trying to save them. 

If you've driven along Chestnut Street lately you know how uneven and rough the ride is.

Making it worse is the number of water main breaks this stretch of road has seen.

It's left bricks broken or brittle and cracked.

They're putting in new water lines and the city manager tells me it would be too costly to repave the streets with new bricks.

So they're using a mixture of repaired bricks and concrete.

"The low bid was within our budget, so we went ahead and approved that bid last night, and will execute a contract for that work to start, hopefully within the next two months, so we're excited to get started on that project finally," Denison City Manager Judd Rex said.

The project will be paid for using bond money and a three hundred thousand from the Denison Development Alliance.