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New video technology could keep Grayson County law enforcement officials safer


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- Soon new technology could help a Texoma sheriff's office and a county jail keep employees safe on the job.

For the last decade, the Grayson County Sheriff's Office said they've been budgeting for better jail video. Now they have the chance to order the new technology.

Right now when people are booked into the Grayson County Jail the sheriff's office said a judge visits the jail once a day to address the inmate's rights, explain their charges, and set their bond. But with video magistration that could soon change.

"What this video magistrate does is it allows that judge to do magistrates from their house. So if they need to do it multiple times a day without coming into the jail they would have that capability," Lt. Sarah Bigham said.

This is where an inmate is booked in. Right now a clerk sits at the desk, but once the software is bought a video camera will be installed allowing a judge to communicate with an inmate from miles away and cut down on travel costs.

The new technology will help make the book-in process easier, quicker, and even safer for judges.

"A lot of times the magistrates, the inmates will come in and they'll get kind of irate at some of the judges, and jump over the bench and try to attack some of the judges," Justice of the Peace David Hawley said.

People in Grayson County said they're happy to hear law enforcement officials are finding ways to stay safe on the job while spending less money in the long run.

"Anything that helps to expedite the system and that helps maintain safety in the workplace is always a good thing," Rebecca Ball said.

"It costs a lot for a judge to come out, especially gas and time," Freda Jenkins said.

The sheriff's office said they already have the funds for the new video system, and plan to buy the equipment in the next couple of weeks.