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Police Searching For Four Men They Say Robbed a Man at Gunpoint


ARDMORE, OK -- Ardmore police are on the hunt for four masked men accused of robbery.

"It's pretty bad actually, because they are really good people," victims friend, Jocidi Elder says.

Jocidi Elder considers the victims her close friends, that's why she was here Tuesday to help repair their busted door.

She says she can't understand why anyone would want to hurt them.

"I mean it’s a good town, but with everything that's been going on, it should just be handled more better," Elder says.

Four men were robbed Monday night after Ardmore police say a group of masked men broke in and held them at gun point.

"They went to the door, opened and three to four black males burst through the door; put them all on the floor," Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle says

Police say the four suspects were able to get away with all of the victims cash, their cell phones, and one car.

Fortunately, they found the car outside of Carter County lines.

Police found the suspects getaway car on the side of valley ranch road Tuesday morning.

They say they've taken fingerprints and evidence from the vehicle, in hopes of finding a lead.

"We’ll be looking into things like possible gang initiation and stuff like that, just to make sure it’s not gang related, and we'll go from there," Captain Ingle says.

Investigators say they're in the process of interviewing the victims for a 2nd time.

Captain Keith Ingle says it’s moving slowly because the victims don't speak English.

Police say if you have any information on this robbery, you are urged to call the police department immediately.