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Toddler Beaten & Burned, Authorities Searching For Suspect


BOSWELL, OK- Authorities in Choctaw County are looking for a man they say may have severely hurt a toddler. Meanwhile one person is behind bars for knowing about it and doing nothing. It happened at a home on 6th and Washington in Boswell.

Deputies say they got a tip from members of a local church who were concerned about the little boy and his safety.

As of Monday evening the Choctaw County Sheriff's Office is searching for Robert West who is a suspect in the case. They say Anastasia Price is in custody for enabling child abuse. Deputies say the boy was physically beaten and burned. It's the worst case of child abuse that the deputy investigating says he's ever seen.

Choctaw County Deputy Jeff Epley has been with the sheriff's office for five years, but in this case, the injuries to the boy were ones he'd never seen.

"These would be considered life threatening. This child is just extremely lucky," said Deputy Epley.

On Sunday deputies were called to the area of 6th and Washington. On scene deputies found evidence of severe child abuse.

"The medical professionals ruled it blunt force trauma and also some burns," said Deputy Epley.

Deputies interviewed others in the home including Anastasia Price who was arrested for knowing the abuse was happening. Deputies are searching for Robert West who is suspected of the abuse and they say finding him is crucial.

"It's absolutely paramount. If he's going to do this to his own family who else is he going to this to," said Deputy Epley.

Other parents in town heard about the abuse and say the thought of anyone harming a child is heartbreaking.

"It breaks my heart. They can't even talk or say anything what's hurting them or anything," said one parent who wanted to hide her identity.

 With injuries so severe deputies say they saved the three year old boy just in time.

"Luckily this is a kid that we chalk up to a win category. We got him out of that situation and we were able to get him to loving caring family members," said Deputy Epley. 

Parents say whoever is responsible for an unthinkable act will reap what they sow.

"There's, there's a special spot in hell for him for sure," said one parent.

Deputies say five other children were removed from the home by DHS. The sheriff's office says West could be heading to Bryan County or the Oklahoma City area. If you have any information on his whereabouts or see him, call police.