Lake Season Wraps Up this Labor Day, "Business was good." - - No One Gets You Closer

Lake Season Wraps Up this Labor Day, "Business was good."


ARDMORE, OK-- Labor Day weekend is the last big weekend for lake businesses in the area, who tell us, it's been a profitable year. 

Business has been booming on Lake Murray for the past four months and will slowly return to normal.

"Memorial Day to Labor Day is when we're really busy, today we go from 9:00 to 5:00 so we're done with our 12 hour shifts," Garrett Edwards, Lake Murray Marina.

After a three year drought that finally ended last year, Lake Murray Marina and Lake Murray Water Sports staff say, like most Texoma lakes it's been a busy year.

"Business in July was actually one of the best months that we've ever had so we had a good July this year," Lake Murray Water Sports Owner Larry Brown said. 

They say without a whole lot of rain, and desirable lake levels, it's been a great summer season to catch up on visitors.

"We love renting the kayaks and renting the paddle-boards, it's just a highlight of the lake," May Woodward said. 

And fortunately a safe year, major lake accidents or drownings have been avoided, something that makes outdoor holiday's like labor day more enjoyable, especially for students who get an extra long weekend.

"We get to skip school finally, and gonna go swimming and then we might go to the Water Sports down the road," Rikee Epperson said. 

"There's lots of cool things out here,"Alyssa Garza said. 

State Park Rangers say they want every one to enjoy the lake but to pick up before leaving the beach areas, they say they've collected about 15 bags of trash every day this weekend.