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Gov. Fallin Calls for Disposal Wells Shut Down After Morning Earthquake


PAWNEE, OKLAHOMA-- The US Geological Survey says a 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled seven states across the US Heartland Saturday morning.
the temblor struck around 7:00 central time about nine miles south-west of Pawnee, Oklahoma.

It was also felt in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

A Geophysicist said it was a shallow quake, a little more than four miles deep.

There has been some structural damage, bricks falling and windows breaking but nothing major.

The USGS says at least ten additional quakes have struck near Pawnee, ranging from 2.7 to 3.6 in magnitude.

We're told one person was injured from that earthquake in Pawnee where it damaged at least one historic building.

Six other buildings are now uninhabitable because of the damage, and six more homes also took a hit.

One homeowner suffered minor injuries, but he is already out of the hospital.

Governor Mary Fallin now says that about 35 disposal wells used by the fracking industry must be shut down.

She also says inspectors didn't find any structural problems with highways and bridges in the area.