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Texoma Gas station burglary


DENISON,TX-- Denison police say they need your help identifying a man who tried to pull off a bold burglary.

The store was open at the time Police say the suspect started smashing a display case. It happened at Dave Ski and Tackle on Highway 75 and Highwat 91.

Police say the case was full of expensive fishing reels.

The suspect is accused of trying to open the case when it broke, that's when the noise alerted the clerk and police say the man ran out of the store.

"Makes you wonder about people, you keep a, you learn to keep a better eye on them, this is my second incident with something similar to this but, I'm getting there, I'm not being as near trustworthy as I used to be" said Cherie Gaither with Lone Star Ski and Tackle.

The man didn't get away with any of the expensive reels. The clerk says the man paid for his gas but left his change in his hurry to get away.