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Dickson High School Loses Two Students in Separate Crashes


DICKSON, OKLAHOMA-- "It happened so fast I really didn't know what to do but I was the only person there on the scene, I had to stop, I had to call 911," a witness said. 

Two young lives lost in 5 days. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers say it's been a tough week for the Dickson community.

"I believe neither one of them were wearing seat belts and I think speed played a big factor in both accidents, so just a huge reminder to slow down, drive safe and wear your seat belt," Trooper Chasen Bennett said. 

On Sunday, Dickson High School freshman 15 year old Ralph Murphy II was killed on U.S. 77 north of Carter County.

Troopers say he over-corrected on a curve.

Friday morning football player 16 year old Cade Gamez passed away from  injuries after a crash Thursday on Tater Hill and Express roads.

The passenger in his vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

"It's really sad, I mean we've had students come in all day just tears in their eyes, can't hardly talk, because it's really affected us all," Sherri Maddox, employee at Promart said. 

Dickson's Superintendent says,

"It has been a very difficult week for Dickson Public Schools and the greater Dickson community.  Two students tragically passed away from injuries sustained in separate motor vehicle accidents.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and loved ones affected by these tragedies. Counseling resources have been and will continue to be made available to our students and staff members," Jeff Colclasure.

The people of Dickson are asking for thoughts and prayers.

"Everybody in Dickson loves everybody and we're here for everybody."

School administrators tell us counselors will continue to be available to students and staff members who want to talk.

If you'd like to help donate to the Gamez family, visit: