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TLR Horse Rescue nurses Stallion back to health after possible abuse


MCCURTAIN COUNTY, OK-- Animal lovers in Pushmataha County are upset after a horse was found in need of help. The non-profit TLR Horse Rescue and Youth Foundation said they got the call Saturday about the horse. And once they saw pictures of its open wounds they immediately took the animal in.

It's a sad sight to see. Animal lovers at TLR Horse Rescue said this six-year-old Stallion's coat shows signs of possible abuse. You can see his ribs sticking out, and open wounds covering his legs and back.

"His wounds are pretty extensive he's got a big necrotic ulcer in the middle of his spine from constant wear of a saddle on top of a wound," Leanne Rees who is nursing the horse back to health said.

Scars and scraps mark other parts of the horse's body.

"His front knees, at some point in time this horse has gone down either on the asphalt or something very very hard," Rees said.

"Scars from whips, he's got multiple scars from spurring," Rees added.

Leanne Rees has been nursing One Sock back to health for the last five days.

"He's starting to pick up a little bit of energy since Saturday. Saturday, when we picked him up he was very lethargic, he was dehydrated," Rees said.

The McCurtain County DA's Office said they have requested felony charges and a warrant for the owner, but both are waiting to be signed in court.

"I hope he spends a long time in jail," Rees said.

While the DA's Office said no charges have been filed yet, they assure that they're taking the case seriously.

Rees encourages owners to always take care of their animals.

"If you don't want them or can't afford to take care of them, give them to somebody that will," Rees said.

If you'd like to help the rescue ranch or offer donations for One Sock visit Ameristate Bank and ask to donate money into the TLR account. Or you can go to Red River Farmer’s Cooperative for feed in Hugo.