Boil Order Continues to Inconvenience Southern Oklahoma - - No One Gets You Closer

Boil Order Continues to Inconvenience Southern Oklahoma


CARTER CO., OK -- For days some Texoman's have been told to boil their water and they're boiling mad.

The order is now expected to last until the long holiday weekend.

"We came here and there were no lunches here so we had to get on YouTube and learn how to make tuna," Gene Autry worker, Jaime Covarrubias says.

Jaime Covarrubias says he and the other guys on his construction crew normally get a hot lunch at Sonny’s Grill in Gene Autry every day, but because of the boil order, they're completely lost.

"Most of our guys are packing lunch and we don't even know how to pack lunch," Covarrubias says.

5 days in and people like Covarrubias say they are getting antsy, having to boil their water just to do the simplest of tasks.

"I just wish SOWC would hurry up and get this fixed," Okie’s Corner Store Manager Vicki Cox says.

The Department of Environmental Quality is calling the Southern Oklahoma Water Corporations towers inadequate.

With the lack of chlorine, there is nothing stopping the e coli bacteria from contaminating the water.

"DEQ will test the system for water pressure, chlorine residuals and bacteriological qualities, with the towers offline," DEQ spokeswoman Erin Hatfield says.

Managers at Sonny’s Grill say they've completely sold out of all bottled water after the order was set in place, causing them to stock up for the Labor Day weekend.