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"Mowing Down Addiction" Sober Living Home Gives Back


ARDMORE,OK-- Mowing down addiction, every week in September, men from the the Mclish Oxford home in Ardmore are taking a turn giving back.

"Oxford saved my life, you know, coming from nothing being able to help and give back whenever nobody would hardly help me," Adam Monjay said. 

For the month of September, members say they will be traveling all over Ardmore and Lone Grove offering a free lawn care service to those who are in need or those who would like to donate, like Pastor Donnie Collins.

"When opportunity approaches you for something like that it's the right thing to do to help someone else out, and it impressed me that somebody had an idea that would want to spend their time and own energy to make a difference in their own community," he said. 

The US Addiction Center shows more than 20 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with addiction, something that hits home for many right here in Texoma. But, Oxford Alum Kevin Supan says recovery is possible.

"We can recover and we can be good people, it's just when we're on drugs and alcohol you know, we make bad bad decisions, but once we get our lives back together we can be good citizens," Supan said. 

Some donations will go to the Mclish House to help those recovering and those still suffering from addiction.

50%, they're giving to the Oxford Homes that flooded in Louisiana in efforts to rebuild.

If you would like to participate, donate, or help them give back, call 580-798-5299.

The group will mow, weed-eat and pull weeds at any home or business.