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Sherman Police Department looking to add new officers


SHERMAN, TX -- The Sherman Police Department is looking to add to its force.

A spokesperson for the department says they need at least a handful of new officers because some veterans are retiring soon.

The department has about 60 officers now.. But they need more to keep the streets in Sherman safe from crime.

It's a competitive process because the department says the department only hires the best, so they've been waiting to fill these spots for awhile.

"The biggest message we want to get out to people is, is that if they are interested in working for the police department, our website, “”, has probably almost everything you would ever want to know, or need to know, about getting hired on with us," said Sgt. D.M. Hampton with the deparment.

If you think you have what it takes to become the newest member of the department, a free prep class for the exam will be offered on October 22nd.

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