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Registered voter numbers are up in Texas


TEXAS-- We are just over two months away from the Presidential Election and county election offices are busy.

Data suggests more people will be headed to the polls than ever before.

Here in Texoma election officials said this is the first year they've seen so many people register to vote.

According to the Texas Secretary of State's Office the number of registered party voters in the state has gone up by half a million since the primary. It is now 14.7 million.

Voters here in Grayson County are calling this year's election critical.

"I think it's critical to the health of the nation. I think if we don't get it right this time then I’m very concerned about the damage that can be done over the next four to eight years," registered voter Michael Thorpe said.

Fannin County election officials said they've seen an increase in both first-time voters and those who haven't voted in a while. They believe the increase deals with who is running for President.

"Some of them don't like Trump, some of them don't like Hillary. So the don't likes are voting more than the do likes," registered voter Charles Brown said.

67-year old, Fred Watkins, said he didn't vote in the last election.

"Because there's some things I didn't like," Watkins said.

But this year he said it's very important.

"One I don't truly trust. The other I think will do a better job may not be perfect, but will do a better job," Watkins said.

The election board office in Cooke County said there's more than 13-hundred registered voters this year than there was in the 2012 general election. Fannin County has also seen a rise. The county clerk said there's almost 2-thousand new voters.

Registration ends October 11th with early voting starting October 24th.