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Adopt-a-Cop Raises Money For Local Law Enforcement


CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Adopt-a-Cop is the latest way you can back the blue, by donating several hundred dollars police can buy body armor.

It's a way to give back to those who protect and serve.

There are several different departments in Carter County that can benefit from this.

You are asked to donate at the Citizen’s Bank and Trust on North Commerce Street in Ardmore.

"I’ve been adopted!!!"

From police chiefs and detectives to county deputies; all Carter County law enforcement is up for adoption.

"They’ll let us know which officer they want to adopt and then they'll go to citizen’s bank and make their donation,” Adopt-a-Cop Chairman, Kim Cooper says.

The Adopt-a-Cop program is giving the community an opportunity to adopt an officer, to help pay for their own personal rapid deployment armor.

Dickson, Ardmore, Healdton, Wilson, Lone Grove, Ratliff City and the Carter County Sheriff’s office are all included.

"It's good for the smaller communities, the sheriff’s departments, even Ardmore, to benefit, times are tough and the budgets are pretty tight right now so any little bit helps," Dickson Police Chief Jon Ruiz says.

Law enforcement we talked with agreed, that there is a time factor when it comes to safety, and to have the extra protection is a matter between life or death.

"Violence towards police has grown which means that we have to have equipment to protect ourselves from that violence so now this equipment is needed more than ever," Ardmore Police Detective Matt Dunn says.

The program has raised more than $5,000 with more than half of their officers already adopted thanks to the social media support.

"The calls and the texts, and the messaging is really coming in," Adopt-a-Cop treasurer, Vicki Groomer says.

The goal amount is set between 28 to $30,000; to make sure all Carter County officers and deputies are equipped with the best bullet proof vest money can buy.