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More positive pools of the West Nile Virus in Grayson County


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- Most people enjoy spending afternoons outside or catching up on yard work.

"Usually if I'm outside I do put on mosquito spray and stuff," Deborah Barnes said.

But the Grayson County Health Department encourages people to wear long sleeves and use bug spray with deet. Empty standing water and go inside between dusk and dawn.

They said the positive West Nile pools were found in Gunter, Southmayd, Tioga, Sherman, Gordonville, Pottsboro and Whitesboro.

"If you're going to be out, and around especially water and all that kind of stuff, grassy areas. You know, it doesn't hurt to take a minute to put a little spray on," Barnes added.

This year 27 positive pools have been reported in Grayson County.

Sherman is fighting the bite by treating standing water.

"We have our park staff and our environmental staff go around and treat any sort of stagnant water that sits on any land that is publicly owned," Sherman’s Communication Manager Nate Strauch said.

Garth Lend likes to spend time at the park with family. But before they go out he said they spray "OFF" for extra protection.

"I'm not one to really live in panic with my kids you know, try to let them be kids. But still be cautious and aware of their environment," Lend said.

And others said they keep their children away from standing water.

"We don't let them play in the backyard whenever it's been raining because the water stands," one Sherman mom said.

The health department said they haven't had any official reports of anyone contracting the virus so far this year.