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Man Speaks Out After Being Robbed at Gun Point


ARDMORE, OK -- A scary scene for an Ardmore man who says he woke up to armed robbers in his home.    

Police say it happened in the 200 block of E Street Southeast.

"At first I thought I was dreaming, I saw someone coming out of my closet, so I said hey man what are you doing, and about that time he said, you better lay there, or I’ll kill you," the victim says.

It was like a real life nightmare for an Ardmore man, when he woke up to find a stranger in his closet.

"They had three guns on me, I’m not a coward but I was like man what are these kids doing, and I kind of responded, man I’m being robbed," the victim says.

He says three young masked men were standing in his bedroom, demanding his truck keys.

He says they took his wallet, knives, and two firearms.

"They were demanding certain items from the home and just made some statements to make us believe the people are known to someone in his family possibly," Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle says.

The man says the thieves knew exactly what to ask for and where to find it.

Items like his collection of coins and two dollar bills, all totaling around $2,000.

"They ought to give their parents a right to whoop them, and we wouldn't have all of this problem because we got whooped when we was kids, and that’s why what’s happening now, they can’t get a whooping and they know it, so there ain't nothing you can do about it," neighbor Freddie Bearden says.

The victim says if it were not for his faith, he would have been dead.

"God told me, don’t even think about it, you can replace that money, but you cannot replace your life, and I listened to God," the victim says.

The police say they are questioning persons of interest, hoping to close the case very soon.