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Texoma car wreck sends Police Chief to hospital


GRAYSON COUNTY,TX—A  highway crash quickly made another sharp turn for the worse, when a Texoma Police Chief was hit by debris.

Troopers say Whitesboro Police Chief is lucky to be alive tonight, after his patrol car that he had just stepped out of, was hit Monday morning.

“One of the officers was parked in the left hand lane and was rear ended by another vehicle causing the second wreck at the same location” said Grayson County Fire Marshal Kevin Walton.

Walton says Chief Taylor was trying to help with traffic flow from the first accident, when a speeding car hit his unit, creating another mess on the highway.

"And the car started flipping, and I myself tried to dodge the Kia Seoul, and I ended up clipping it, and I drove off in the grass” said witness Dalton Buyer.

Buyer who was in one of the cars involved in the second crash, says the whole thing happened so fast, he had little time to react.

"The Kia Seoul is completely totaled out, and mine it's a very good possibility that mines going to be totaled out too” said Buyer.

Buyer says when the car hit the officers cruiser, debris from the crash hit Chief Taylor.

"I know the Police officer had a gash on the back of his head but it was very minor and they took him to the hospital just to get checked out” said Buyer.

Buyer says he's still shaken up, but knows it could have been much worse.

"I'm really lucky that none of us got hurt. so hopefully we can all recover from this financially, and a little bit mentally” Buyer said.

 Troopers say D-P-S will be taking over the investigation from here.