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Texoma Business Robbed and Set On Fire


ARDMORE, OK -- Ardmore investigators are calling an early morning fire suspicious.

"It's frustrating, you can’t, and I guess you can’t really help what other people do," Custom Home Solutions owner, Brad Barrett says.

Brad Barrett owns this Custom Home Solutions business in Ardmore.

He says he can’t understand why anyone would take away what he and his family worked so hard for.

"It makes you wonder what those people had in their head or what the deal was but all we can do is move forward," Barrett says.

Computers, personal files, and a company car were all stolen, just before the suspect tried to set the model home on fire.

"We found that there was a fire in the office area of one of the buildings and so we were able to extinguish that and now we're looking at that as an arson," Ardmore fire chief Cary Williamson says.

Ardmore fire chief Cary Williamson says there were several spots in the home where the suspect tried to start the fire.

The culprit finally succeeded, causing massive amounts of damage to the inside.

"We’re going to talk to surrounding businesses and attempt to get video evidence to see who was coming or going around the time of the fire," Ardmore Police Sergeant Brice Wooly says.  

Ardmore police say the property is worth around $350,000 and the company says they plan to rebuild and remodel.

"We’re going to move our offices next door to one of our other model homes and look forward to still conducting business as normal,” Barrett says.

Ardmore police say they are getting surveillance footage from the surrounding businesses so they can work on leads and close the case as soon as possible.