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A technology scholarship is helping high school seniors prepare for their future


DENISON, TX-- The first week of school is already in full swing for Denison high school seniors. But six students may have a guaranteed  job after graduation thanks to a technology scholarship.

"They're paying for us to come here, and the point is to stick it out so we can have a job. Because they want to build the industrial maintenance industry and make it better, cause that's what we need right now in America," senior Caylen Thomas said.

The scholarship program began two years ago when industries in Texoma came to the Denison Development Alliance saying there was a need in additional technology training.

"There was a gap between the skills that these kids were learning at school and what the industries needed," Loretta Rhoden with the DDA said.

Students took to their workbooks Thursday morning learning as much as they can before graduation.

"We teach electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC," technology teacher at Grayson College Shawn Hendricks said.

Businesses like Denison Industries said this training and technology certificate will put students a jump ahead of other job applicants.

"When I see a student that has an IMT Certification from a college or another institute it just gives them that next leg up," Kristin Holmes with Denison Industries said.

It may be early in the school year, but seniors are already looking forward to their future career.

"My favorite part by far, is learning the different tools. We've gone over the micrometer so far," senior Nathan Ernst said.

The DDA said they hope to offer the scholarship to more students next year.