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Noble Foundation Celebrates 70 Years


ARDMORE, OK-- The largest independent, nonprofit agricultural research institution in the U.S. is celebrating its' 70th birthday.

"70 years is a testament to the longevity and the fortitude of the Board of Trustees, which is primarily the family, to continue to invest and agricultural research and the advancement of agriculture," President Bill Buckner said. 

Founded in 1945 by Lloyd Noble, over the years, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation has continued advancing agriculture through education, research, and direct interaction with farmers and ranchers.

"I have used it occasionally to find out about my soil and what kind of trees I need to plant that will do good locally," Patrick Greeley said. 

Members of the Foundation say, the Board of Trustees continues to pursue Noble's vision of strengthening land management and soil conservation, allowing the organization to flourish in Southern Oklahoma and across the country.

"We bring something special here in terms of problem solving and we're really proud of the fact that we work across many different disciplines of Ag to bring groups together to solve more pressing problems," Buckner said. 

 Larry Pulliam worked at noble for 34 years, he says their advances in research and technology are unending.

"They're absolutely a great asset to the community, and help them (people) to be more profitable and better stewards of their land and resources," he said. 

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