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Grayson County Shelter in desperate need of food and cleaning items


DENISON, TX-- For the Grayson County Shelter in Denison summer is the hardest time of year where they struggle the most with donations.

"As we are reaching near capacity we are needing goods more, and this is the time where we see the least amount of donations," Mikayla Stocks with the shelter said.

They said it’s because family budgets begin to get tighter as many take vacations and children head back to school.

As you can see the once full shelves are now almost empty.

Within the last month the shelter said they haven’t received any large donations, but they want you to know that no donation is too small.

Those living at the shelter said things like cleaning supplies, shampoo, conditioner, and canned fruit would help tremendously.

"We can't really keep fresh fruit here because then the fruit flies will start flying around, but canned fruit would be awesome," one woman who lives at shelter said.

The shelter said they're even low on one of the biggest necessities, toilet paper.

"Toilet paper. We have chores so I did the bathrooms, and I noticed that we like had one case left and I know that's hard," Mike Redlich who also lives at the shelter said.

And with a home filled with more than 20 people, items go fast. The shelter believes with the food and cleaning supplies left it'll only last them another 3 weeks.

"We worry for sure. We also worry about the safety and health of our residents,” Stock said.

The shelter said anyone is welcome to drop off a donation. Their address is 331 W. Morton St. in Denison.

The most desperate needed items are:

-Paper towels
-Toilet paper
-Laundry detergent
-Disinfecting wipes

-Trash bags (8 gallon, 13 gallon, 39 gallon)

-Jug of hand sanitizer

-Gallon size tea bags (Sam's)

-Coffee and sugar
-SOS or Brillo pads

You can also visit their Facebook page “Grayson Shelter”.