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Hostage Situation Ends Peacefully After Police Arrest Ardmore Couple


ARDMORE, OK -- A hostage situation in Ardmore ends peacefully earlier this morning.

Police say they responded after getting a call of someone being held against their will.

37 year old Nez Joneil Jones and 39 year old Kellie Lehman of Ardmore were arrested.

Both are facing charges of having a gun after a conviction.

"I don't know if it was the people in the barber shop shooting or the cops first but they were shooting from both ways," witness Willard Bourdon says.

What sounded like gun shots were actually flash bangs; a tactic Ardmore police say is a way to get a suspects attention in a hostage situation. .

"After several attempts to raise them by phone, or by bullhorn we started deploying some distraction devices to try and get their attention, to let them know we were out here," Ardmore Deputy Chief Kevin Norris says.

Ardmore police say they received the call around 9:00 Tuesday night, they believed there was at least one person in danger in the pit stop barber shop, causing them to surround the entire area.

"Come outside with your hands in the air; follow the voices of the officers."

The first person to come out was the barber shop owner, the man officers say was held hostage.

About 2 hours later, police say Nez Joneil Jones and Kellie Lehman decided to give themselves up and walked out with their hands held high.

Police say there was evidence of drug use before the police were called out, but they are still not sure why the situation got so violent so quickly.

Police say they found two illegal firearms inside the building after the suspects, who claim to be in a relationship, were taken into custody.

"I’m sure it’s related to the amount of drug traffic and something needs to be done about it," one Ardmore resident says.