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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 1: Sherman vs. Sulphur Springs


Week 1 is upon the Sherman Bearcats.

"It's week one," Senior Brayshon Savage said. "I couldn't be more happy and thrilled to be with this group of guys and this group of coaches. I feel like they really care, and I'm ready to get it going."

"I think we've done really well over the summer," Junior Brent Wilson said. "The coaches have helped us out and I think we're ready to go."

The Bearcats will travel to Sulphur Springs on Friday, in J.D. Martinez first head coaching appearance.

"I know Friday night is going to be very different and difficult to be calm," Martinez said. "I just want to make sure I'm focused and doing my job to lead us to victory."

The players have spent the week focusing on their gameplan as well as enhancing the fundamentals.

"Coaches did a great job with the gameplan, they got it out to us (Sunday) night," Savage said. "They have us prepared, now it's time for us to get ready for Friday."

"Just keep the chains moving, ball security, stop what they do best and score some points," Martinez said. 

Sulphur Springs' 2015 season resembles that of the Bearcats, going 1-9 and winless in the district, but did gain a lot of experience for young players. One thing is for sure, a win on Friday for the Bearcats would mean a lot more than just a W.

"I would be so excited and happy for our players and our community," Martinez said.

"It would mean a lot," Savage said. "It would mean a lot for the team, coaches the community and the school. We've had our tough times, we've had a tough past couple of years. We're ready to see a change and i believe we can do that."