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2016 Fox Foxes football preview


2016 Fox Foxes football preview

For some teams,playoffs are the highlight of the season. For the Fox Foxes, it's only the beginning.

"We've had several playoff runs that is Fox," Fox head coach Brent Phelps said. "That is what we expect and we want our kids to strive for that every year."

This year the Foxes will look a little different and a lot younger.

"We have about four kids that have much playing experience from last year," Phelps said. "We really have to grow up and develop both mentally and physically. We are starting a bunch of sophomores because we have a young junior class too. We're starting sophomores and freshman."

"We're definitely going to have to train our two freshman linemen," Senior lineman Isiac Eaves said. "We need to get in better shape and do a lot more training."

Last season, The foxes went 11-1 behind the dominate play of 10 seniors. This team knows they lost a lot, but believe they can still achieve a lot.

"We don't have as much talent so we have to work harder in practice," Senior Eusebio Rodriguez said. "Our workouts have changed dramatically, now we work out a lot more. We have to get in shape, these games won't be over by halftime any more."

Completing goals such as making the playoffs once again, despite some who say otherwise.

"People expect us not to go far this year, but from us we expect to make it," Rodriguez said. "Once we're there we will we see how far we can make it, hopefully farther than last year. We have a lot of doubters, hope to prove them wrong."

"It doesn't matter what anybody else does, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks," Phelps said. "We do what Fox does, that's all we are worried about."

Fox begins its season at Allen on August 26.