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Durant Lions 2016 football preview


Durant Lions 2016 football preview

2015: 4-6

The football rich tradition of Durant football holds a standard that teams have not met in recent seasons. And After a disappointing 2015 where the team went 4-6,  The Lions are aiming to get back to their winning ways. 

" We had a couple games at the end of the year, where if we had figured out how to score just one more time at the end of the game," Lions head coach Randy Matthews said. "So, for a lot of these guys, they know we were playing against, you know, play-off teams, and we were just a play or two away from figuring out how to get it done and get into the play-offs. So, I think this group they have even higher expectations than that."

One key difference from last season, the leadership of 20 seniors.

"Last year we were right at eleven," Matthews said. "And, a lot of these guys have been working as Durant Lions for a long time."

"With experience and leadership, we will be able to show the younger guys what we need to do," Senior TE Brody Morgan said. "Hopefully they will step up and fill some roles. And fill them ourselves so we will be able to execute better."

"We have a lot of guys on the senior line, senior receivers, quarterbacks, and stuff like that," Senior RB Tre Harper said. "That will help lead our team." 

That leadership paired with eight returning starters on both sides of the ball, they have their goals set high. And they will not stop until they get there. 

"Win as many games as we can," Morgan said. "Make the play-offs and see what we can do from there."

"This group actually believes they have the talent to be a state contender," Matthews said. "And we may not look that way. That is not where people have ranked us or picked us. But these guys will not let that define the." 

The Durant Lions open their season September 2 at home against Poteau.