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Gunter Tigers 2016 football preview


Gunter Tigers 2016 football preview

Returning Starters: 4/4 (O/D). 2015: 8-4

The Gunter Tigers head into 2016 after losing 18 seniors in a class that lead them into the second round of the playoffs. And they plan to use that experience and learn from the past.

"I think in the second round when we lost to Woskom, I think we found what we were capable of doing," Quarterback Trey Carr said. "And I think we are going to take that into this year. Hopefully push us further and get past that round."

"We've got quite a few weapons on offense," Tigers head coach Jake Fieszel said. "We are returning our quarterback, so we are happy about that. We've also moved some people around to positions they will flourish in."

"Just how good we played against Waskom, it will help us push through the season," Wide Receiver Mason Mazerolle said. "Make a futher play-off run." 

The brotherhood of this team is as strong as ever and they believe this could be the secret to their success.

"We've been together for a while," Carr said. "The relationship we have together is pretty good. We know we need to push each other and the younger kids too."

"They have a great attitude and some great leadership," Fieszel said. "These kids are a lot of fun to coach. So, we are just enjoying getting out here every single day. You can push them hard, they allow you to coach them hard. You know, I think if they continue to do that, we are going to win some ball games."

Gunter is predicted to win the newly aligned 6-3A division two, but they know there is work to be done to make that a reality. 

"We know we need to come out here every single day and continue to improve," Fieszel said. "And hopefully by the time district rolls around we are playing some good football."

"Pay good attention in film," Carr said. "We have not played those guys before, so we do not know what they bring or what they are capable of. So, we just need to study in the film room then come out here and practice as hard as we can." 

Wearing Gunter blue and white comes with a lot of pride and responsibility.

"You know, the expectations are high, and I love that. I love that," Carr said. "We have to set the bar high. We need to be just as good as the last team we had, if not better,"

The Gunter Tigers open their season August 26 as they host the Howe Bulldogs.